Thursday, June 21, 2007

Napalm Comedy Jam

- check the Myspace

new layout courtesy of Nemesis Enforcer Enforcer Jason.

- we're playing Club Midway July 24th with Rwake, Bloody Panda, and others. should be a cool time.

- practices have been going exceptionally well.

- recent musical obessions; Oxbow, Pig Destroyer, Sigh, Antigama, Middian, Car Bomb, the Gathering, YDI, Sheer Terror, Slight Slappers, Vondur, Neglect, Integrity, Yellow Machinegun, Scalplock, Obscurus Advocam, Thug, Neanderthal, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Manes, Dalek, Deftones, Tombs

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