Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Man...Slow Down

- from "The Tourist" by Radiohead.

so the Communion will be playing shows pretty much all weekend. 3 of them. Sunday is the day off. on Saturday night we're playing Manhattan, same night as Negative Approach and Merzbow. NY really is a busy place.

seems like this is how it goes with us...every other asshole gets to have a band...have a label put out their stuff...have that same label pay for 2 months on the road...maybe even a trip to Europe. Us? well we bust our asses, book our own 4 day weekend jaunt, pay for ALL of our stuff, t-shirts and cds, duplicate inlays, burning cdrs, charging nickels and dimes for them and having people unable to spare even that much, overcome obstacles that would lead to the downfall of all the weak bands out there (plenty of them), and all that effort and frustration can be seen teaming in our music, and we still are handed down the indigestion from everyone else's pleasures-of-life feast.

i'm probably just overreacting, here. just a little anxious about these shows. a little tired of apathy and disrespect. facing it, watching those who care face it and having the courage to say "fuck it" and go on caring. i don't know if i have that kind of strength. if i ever did. i'm too cynical. to distrusting.

at the end of the day...i'm very happy to be part of this band. i'm fucking stoked to be playing these shows with all these bands and meeting all these people that i would never come in contact with otherwise. it may not be much to you, but it's a big fucking deal for us. it's worth all the stress and strain and near-sleepless nights and doubt and isolation, because we fucking mean it. we mean every inch of it. this is D.I.Y. this is what MUSIC means to us. all of the music we love. Hardcore. Black Metal. Grindcore. Crust. Industrial. Noise. Death Metal. Thrash Metal. Crossover. Sludge. No-Wave. Punk. anything good. anything honest. anything that really matters. anything that doesn't just wear its heart on it's sleeve...but rips out the hearts of all within earshot of its pain.

This Blood is For You.

- Nick, representing THE COMMUNION.

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