Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glasgow the Clown

NP: Miranda Sex Garden - Exit Music for a Film (Radiohead Cover)

- so for all intents purposes...our weekend is over. it was up and down...occasionally exhausting, but mostly satisfying. thanks to Iskra, Blood Vessels to Wires, Dissystema, and Raw Radar War for giving it all...in both performance and decency as people. thanks to Brian Alien for filling in on drums and doing an amazing job. you really saved our asses.

- if you think i'm leaving someone out...well, you're right. this will be the last time we associate with blockheads and their sterile mech-grind. i'll leave it a that.

- so obviously, we will be taking a break from shows for awhile. we've decided (for serious this time) to retire most if not all of the set list we played this past weekend. part of our intention as a band is to get as deep and dark and interesting as we can possibly get...and you can really only do that by exploring new ideas. so for a few months we will be just fine-tuning newer songs and coming up with new stuff. expect more of the frightening, the strange, and the heavy.

- Jason has been given the OK to do some light-practicing. we're all very excited about this. we got stuff to work through. personally i've never been more excited or ready to work on new stuff.

thanks again to everyone. we had fun.

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