Friday, April 20, 2007

cause a Myspace blog just isn't enough....

- this is the new Communion blog. visit the old one here;

- shirts and cds are show-ready.

- the 4/21 benefit for Callum Robbins was cancelled. long story short; the Masonic Temple was double booked and evidently whatever the other event was was more important than raising money for a sick child. dig that crazy LI empathy!

this is nothing new...hardcore/metal shows (real ones...good ones) have always been under LI's twiching sphinctor, chest presented for the turd-blow. it doesn't matter what we believe in or what we's still just noise to the "normals" and they'll be damned if their evening in front of the reality TV is going to be disturbed by a bunch of silly young dudes and dudettes. whatever.

- we're still playing next friday. flyer above.

- the mini-tour w/ Iskra is going down mid-May. here's the artinerary;

May, 18 2007 at The Mr. Roboto Project
722 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, PA, 15221
Cost : $6
Iskra, The Communion, Blood Vessels To Wires

May, 19 2007 at Club Midway
25 avenue B, NY, 10009
Cost : $7
Iskra, The Communion, Defeatist

May, 21 2007 at disgraceland
1713 south 6th street, philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost :
Iskra,dissystema all ages!

- recent musical obsessions; Rwake, Made out of Babies, Marduk, Wovenhand, Manes, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Deathpile, In Slaughter Natives, Pig Destroyer, Graveyard Rodeo, Barkmarket, Lurker of Challice, Seraphel, Psyopus, Cephalic Carnage, Antigama, Venus Hum, Moss, Rosetta, Otensak, Mule Skinner, United Mutation, Hanging Garden, Reverend Glasseye

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