Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Bet Your Life it Is.

- everyday is another "fuck you".

- it's been well over three months since we've had a drummer. the break we needed after the shit-summer has worn out its welcome. we're talking Madonna-Ray of Light/Janet Jackson-the Velvet Rope levels of enough-is-enough. we're more miserable now than ever. life is just shitting on our faces and we're getting insanely desperate.

i don't wanna say "this is it"... because i don't really believe that it is. i fee like what we have is too good to abandon for as lame-ass a reason as "derrr us kant fyn uh dromur". it's fucking weak and we're not-so-much weak. if that's how it ends than i'll be seeing you in the Obiochuarys. look under "self immolation on a playground in front of a gaggle of screaming single mothers clutching their bastard kids to their male-repellent bodies".

Drummers. get in touch. people who know drummers, help us out, eh?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


- still no drummer. perhaps this is fruitless, but if you know someone or ARE someone, please get in touch.


- big honkin' list of bands we've been collectively and separately digging during this "time off";

Ah Cama-Sotz
Those Poor Bastards
the Handsome Family
Schloss Tegal
Navicon Torture Technologies
Two Gallants
Sunset Rubdown
A Murder of Angels
The Rohan Theatre Band
Sutter Cain
Memento Mori,
Peter Gabriel era Genesis,
Deathspell Omega,
Born Without a Face,
Univers Zero,
Jonas Hellborg,
Mahavishnu Orchestra,
Papercut Homicide,
Red Sky,
Raw Radar War,
Raison D'Etre,
Will Haven,
Cop Shoot Cop,
Killing Joke (RIP Paul Raven),
King Crimson,
Riz Ortolani (Italian composer...did the music for Cannibal Holocaust),
Screaming Corpse,
Hesper Payne,
Carol Ann,
Neutral Milk Hotel,
Laughing Hyenas,
TV on the Radio,
In Slaughter Natives,
Necrophagia (Black Blood Vomitorium),
the Angelic Process,
Sammy Duet era Crowbar,
Tool (post Aenima),
My Bloody Valentine,
Thought Industry,
Yen Pox,
At the Gates (pre Slaughter of the Soul),
Slight Slappers,
Short Hate Temper,
Radiohead (post OK Computer),
Today is the Day,
Velocity Girl,
the Boo Radleys,
Word Salad,
Logical Nonsense,
Sybil Vane,
the Great Kat,
Fields of the Nephilim,
Scott Walker's the Drift,
Bauhaus (first record),
Brighter Death Now,
Torche, J
oanna Newsom's Ys,
Gnaw Their Tongues,

Thursday, November 8, 2007

apparently, "Kerrang" is British for "Twink".

Gay comes to Gay Town.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

- Jimmy is our bassist now. Hi Jimmy.

- the bulk of the recording for the Coagulate Tapes 4-Way split was done last night. just need Jimmy to do the bass and Matt to add the noise-sheath. so far it sounds pretty excellent. everyone seems to be satisfied with it, so that's good.

Thanks to Phil (sorry i didn't catch your last name) for doing a great job recording us, and also mucho props to Tony Biscuits for doing an awesome job on the drums. he pretty much nailed every take, which is pretty amazing considering that we didn't rehearse or anything before hand, just went in there and banged out the tracks. good job everyone. twas a good night...and we needed a good night.

- ASRA is playing Saturday Afternoon @ ABC No Rio. go see them. I think Disassociate is playing this weekend also.

- Jesu and Oxbow @ Irving Plaza on Nov. 1...making it the best Day of the Dead EVER.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

- check out the tracks from our upcoming split w/ Hallways of the Always.

- recording this weekend possibly w/ Tony Biscuits on the drums and Jimmy on Bass. that's right...Jimmy.

- good luck to our brothers from other fuckers ASRA on their upcoming shows.

- recent musical obsessions; Jonas Hellborg, Will Haven, Ashes, Raw Radar War, Riz Ortolani, Nadja, Milligram, Born Without a Face, Cop Shoot Cop, 16 Horsepower, King Crimson, Integrity, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Necrophagia,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Post of Ass.

- try and see how many time i speak of ass in this post.

- we'll be recording "JESTER AXIS" in a couple of weeks for the 4-way split tape on Coagulate. Anthony (Disnihil, Sick of Talk) we'll be doing the drums. he know the song like the back of his ass (trust me, that sounded complimentary in my head), so we'll bang it out of our ass in no time. Thanks again Tony Biscuits. you're really helping us out of an ass of a situation.

- may have a bassist. be back out of my ass later with that.

- saw Melvins this past Friday. solid set. didn't stop playing out of their asses for an hour and 15 minutes. played some obscure out-of-the-ass stuff that i can't remember off the top of my ass right now, but they rocked the shit out of my ass.

- recent musical obsessions (of the ass); Tool, Portal, Raison D'etre, SSD, Flipper, Wovenhand, Cryptopsy, Screaming Corpse, SPK, Born Without a Face, Hesper Payne, Fear Factory (Demanufacture), King Crimson, Morbid Angel, Iceburn, the Wolfgang Press, Starkweather, Ignivomous, pre-Land of Rape and Honey Ministry, Stereo MCs, Portishead, Sammy Duet era Crowbar, In Slaughter Natives, Pellinore, Neutral Milk Hotel, Brazzaville, Cranes, Missing Foundation

- get well soon, Mom.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hi, I’m Sean McGrath, and I’m in the death metal band Impaled. We’ve been asked to do a “blog” by Decibel, and though I usually shy away from such things, or more accurately back away from them while forming the sign of the cross with my fingers, I thought it might be a good chance to lay bare a few well kept secrets about the music industry to those young and impressionable musicians who might have been fooled into thinking that signing a contract with a major label is a great honor and privilege.

In this day and age, record labels can do very little for you that you cannot do yourself with some hard work, talent, and ingenuity. Let’s assume that you already have talent. That cuts out seventy five percent of you. You can leave. The rest of you, please read on. This is the standard operating procedure for most labels:

Let’s pretend there’s a young death metal band. Let’s call this band… I don’t know…Injected Feces. That’s pretty good. (It’s copyrighted, so don’t get any ideas.) So Injected Feces has been around for a year or so, played some good shows, garnered some good reviews, done a decent demo, and gets a little interest from some labels. “Awesome!” thinks Injected Feces, “We’re going to MAKE IT!”. They pick the biggest and best label and sign the contract without having a pro look at it. Who needs lawyers? That’s not metal! And hey, the label is offering them $1,500! That’s four times what the demo cost! Sounds pretty good so far. Injected Feces goes into the studio and they just squeak by on the 1,500 bucks, but the finished product comes out great (as great as it can coming from Injected Feces). The promotion department tells the band this is the best thing they’ve heard since Colostomy Catheter (also copyrighted), and they’re sure to sell 40,000 copies. Wow!

Cut to a year later. Injected Feces has taken three months out of their lives to tour the country to promote the album. They had to buy the cds from the label at 6 bucks a pop, but it was worth it. Man, did they sell! At the same time, jobs have been lost. Relationships have been strained or ruined. But the band is doing great! They sold thousands of cds! They must be in the chips, right? I mean, they were mentioned in Decibel and Metal Maniacs! All the same, they wonder why they haven’t gotten a financial statement from the label. Ever.

They ask the label to provide a statement and after and few months of cajoling they finally get one. Holy moly, they sold 6,000 CDs! There is much rejoicing. But wait, what’s this? The label keeps 9 dollars of every cd sold and gives the band 65 cents per cd sold? Well, ok. I mean, they DID put all those ads in those glossy magazines… and that’s still almost 6,000 bucks! Hold on… They also charged for the cost of the ads out of the band’s royalties? And they pro rated the phone bill and internet bill and rent and took that from the band’s royalties? And they own the rights to the t-shirt designs?! And on top of that, they’ve been trading Injected Feces CDs for other CDs made by bands from other labels, and not reporting those traded CDs as sales?


What a disappointment. Injected Feces only sold 6,000 copies. Sounds like a lot to the band, but it’s well below the 40,000 estimated. I guess they should be dropped from the label. Not profitable enough. After an initial investment of 1,500 dollars, they only raked in 54,000 dollars for the label. The good thing is, the label owns Injected Feces’ entire catalog. They signed it away! The material will never see the light of day again if the label does not will it.

Now let’s look at the other option.

Injected Feces has a bit of a following. They put out a demo. They do as many interviews in fanzines as they can. They try to get on shows with every touring band they can and make connections with the members and the promoters. They hook up with some out of state bands, do some split releases, talk their way onto some compilation CDs and into some bigger magazines, do a few DIY tours, have a decent website that offers free downloads of their music and interesting artwork. Injected Feces now has a name. They scrape together three thousand dollars, record a CD, and press it themselves. They sell 1,000 CDs on a DIY tour at 10 dollars a pop. 10,000 dollars goes to paying for gas, strings, a new tire to replace the one that blew out, a new guitar to replace the one that broke when that dude moshed into it, your drummer’s rent when he’s short, flyers, beer, a new banner, and not one fucking cent goes to some weasely prick in an office telling them how awesome they are.

Option number two is the future of underground metal.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

- just found out Comity broke up. this is a bummer. for those who don't know...Comity were a remarkable French band. in short; Comity is the band that the Red Chord, Between the Buried and Me, From a Second Story Window, and the countless other "hybrid" bands wishes they could be. The Deus Ex Machina as a Forgotten Genius is one of the headiest, heaviest, most frightening albums i've had the pleasure of hearing. It's Gorguts + Red Harvest + Neurosis. haven't picked up the newest one, but i'll certainly be on the hunt. R.I.P.

- drummer try-outs begin this coming week.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boyz II Amen

- we've had to cancel our appearance this Sunday upstate. we're deeply sorry for this, as those of us who are close enough to really know us know that we absolutely hate canceling shows, and we do everything in our power to keep it together and play every show we have booked. but we have a good reason; no rhythm section.

- both our drummer Jason and our bassist Dave decided to quit the Communion. this has been building since the weekend tour this past May, and it finally came to a head this week. i won't get into the details because they are relevant only to us, so i'll just say that i'm bummed things couldn't work out. i said on more than one occasion that this line-up was our strongest...when we were all on the top of our game. the shows this summer were not us at the top of our game. with minimal exceptions, the shows were not played well, due to scheduling conflicts and lack of communication mostly.

- there's still Lee, Billy, myself, and Matt. we all like each other, we all still have some ideas and intentions, so we're keeping this thing going. the search for a new drummer and a new bassist begins. This won't stop us. no more set backs. we're blowing through these times like a destitute Rebecca Lord blowing through creepy French guys; like our lives depend on it.

so we'll be in hiding i guess. working on new stuff. getting our shit together. anyone interested in playing bass or drums; feel free to contact me or the Communion MySpace.

see you chumps lata.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dead are the Killed

Why Can't We Be Fweinds?

yeah. it's that time of year again. the short break that feels agonizing. stagnant times. the breeding ground for regrets and wrong doings.

quoting Darkest Hour? sure...why not?

if you heard, we lost ANOTHER practice space. super.

we've got a show next week (flyer's below) where you can check out our ulcer-incarnate stylings. hopefully in the next few weeks we'll record some stuff. Oct. 27 we'll be playing Pussycat Lounge w/ ASRA, Disassociate, Tombs, and one more amazing act that i'm not sure is confirmed, so i'll refrain from dropping the name. than a long break where hopefully everything will work out and we'll be friends...maybe not with each other...but with someone i hope.

forgive the cryptic nature of this post. these eggshells are sharp.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

- show last night was decent. thanks to those who stuck around and helped us out. fucks to those who didn't. that's all really.

- NYC was the nexus of the pooniverse last night. lets hear it for a new semester at NYUs.

- recent musical obsessions; Neck, Rites of Thy Degringolade, Bauhaus (In the Flat Field), Killing Joke, Overmars, Integrity, Blut Aus Nord, Velocity Girl, Watchtower, Sneaker Pimps, Boredoms, Melvins, Jesu, Fields of the Nephilim, Red Harvest, Skunk Anansie, Cemetery Urn, Stargazer, the Gathering, Madball, Lickgoldensky, ASRA, Gorguts, Sutcliffe Jugend, Wold, Heroin, Spring Break, the Boo Radleys, Sheer Terror, Portal, Caroliner, Dee Lite, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Danzig, the Accused, Winterkalte, Starkweather, Sybil Vane, Ignivomous, Metallica

Monday, August 20, 2007

There Ain't No 2nd Chance Against The Thing With 40 Eyes

- show saturday went pretty well. thanks to all who came out, big thanks to ASRA (not only for putting on a kick-ass show, but for helping us w/ equipment), Fucked by the State, and Bloody Phoenix for making it one pretty fun noisy thing. you were all pretty excellent at your craft, as well as being some of the nicer, cooler people we've encountered in our years. we look forward to seeing you all again pretty soon.

- next one(s) is August 27th at Lit Lunge w/ A.P.P.L.E., Body Soil, and others, than Sept 16. at Club Lacunasomethingorother w/ Hollywood Streetwalker, Fucked by the State, and many others...the flyers are on all over Myspace, this blog, i won't post them again.

- than comes the writing/recording break. we're fiending to work on some new material, as well as get much of the songs we've been playing for the last couple of months to tape.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Transformer Quality at a Go-Bot price!

September, 16 2007 at Club Passion or Lacuna
Route 6, Mohegan Lake, New York
Cost : $7 or $5 with a flyer

Sunday Matinee Featuring: Hollywood Streetwalker, Persephone’s Fall, The Communion, Rising Up Rising Down and many more TBD. Doors at 12 noon, show starts at 1 PM.

last last LAST (for super serial) show for a awhile....unless something good comes along....even if it don't.

- recent musical obsessions; Hesper Payne, Logical Nonsense, Unruh, Sybil Vayne, Utuk Xul, Vorkuta, Word Salad, Badly Drawn Boy, Bloodlet, Depeche Mode, Portal, Sutcliffe Jugend, Gruntsplatter, Vegas, Nuclear Death, Asunder, Prince and the Revolution, Genesis, Coalesce

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

- if you see someone holding a "Free Hugs" sign;

1. kick him in the balls (it's always a guy...usually of the mangy safe-activist side of the hipster persuasion. no woman would be stupid enough to give hugs away.)
2. give him a hockey-punch
3. fuck his face.

now THAT'S a deal.

- show last night was decent. nothing to eventful, but nothing to embarrassing either. next show is August 18 @ Tommy's Tavern w/ Bloody Phoenix, ASRA, and more. than one more show August 27 @ the Lit Lounge AGAIN w/ A.P.P.L.E., Body Soil, and more. than we hunker down and focus on fine-tuning some newer stuff, than putting together our full-length Kanalbrigade.

- recent musical obsessions; Sybil Vane, Year of the Rabbit, Asunder, Portal, Arkhon Infaustus, Sutcliffe Jugend, Rwake, Deathspell Omega, Rollins Band, Bone Awl, Vegas, Haymaker, Kietzer, Dead Raven Choir, Monarch!, Tombs, Darkside NYC, Barkmarket, Glorior Belli, Willpower era Today is the Day, Sex Gang Children, Blut Aus Nord

- recently burning-my-ass; the new Red Chord. don't listen to these PR Regurgitating Magazine "Writers"...this is a weak, lazy, and DULL album. talk about having it than losing it. the Red Chord is now officially the Weezer of Deathgrindmoshwhatever stuff; one decent record followed by a mediocre but passable second album that in turn is followed by a collection of phone-ins. get the new Antigama or the last (as well as the upcoming) Comity album if you want that style of music done with some real intensity that doesn't fall back on bonehead mosh parts or teetering-on-hipster ironic "dark" humor that was interesting/fresh 12 years ago when Deadguy put out Fixation on a Co-Worker, but is now watered down to the point that it is the musical equivalent of a Manhattan Rickshaw Driver with a "Free Hugs" sign hanging around his neck. fuck this band and anyone who looks like this band.

Monday, August 6, 2007

" his quest for the ultimate corporation, became that business entity. He’d crossed over to become a dark alien life form created by business men. He’d ankled his humanity, holed up in his office, and uploaded himself into his Blackberry, and now only sought to satisfy his insatiable inner shareholder. Singular compared to the collective mentality of the major labels, there was something ironically fascist about the independent world, and in him I saw something much more sinister. I had come face-to-face with The Horror; not a dark and powerful entity, but a human who had hollowed out his own humanity to satisfy his own lust for power. I always dreamed of the big score in this business, we all did. But with the morphing morality, the conflict of human emotion against corporate emotion, I’d seen what side that one common emotion – greed - favored. I wanted nothing more to do with it. His horror, if it really was his own, wasn’t a horror that inspired fear, but rather repugnance. It was the worst traits we all possess, growing unfettered by any trace of conscious or moral code. Like a mutation, I saw him more as a medical oddity, a nightmare in evolution where our very humanity would be self-extinguished as we fought for survival in the monetized world we created."


Sunday, August 5, 2007

- there's also a show tomorrow.

8:00 PM
lit lounge
93 2nd ave
NYC, New York
w/ Casket Architects, Bearathon, The Communion

yeah...we're competing with Muse @ the Garden. bring it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

NP: Iced Earth - When an Eagle gets kicked in the Pussy

- we'd like to announce the addition of Matt to the Communion line-up. he'll be doing noise/samples. you should know Matt from underrated NY legends DISASSOCIATE as well as the mighty DARKSIDE. welcome to the gutter of the soul, Matt.

- so around September or so we're probably going to retreat into our Fortress of Semi-Solitude and work on new stuff and (possibly) begin preparing our first full-length for Period Face Productions entitled Kanalbrigade. we feel it's about time for a full-length non-CDR release, especially since this is the strongest material and best line-up we've ever had. I may try to come up with some kind of prose/story for the inlay, but i can't promise anything.

- recent naked-girls-who-fuck-on-camera obessesions; Jenni Lee, Jezebelle Bond, Dana Vespoli, Isabella Soprano, Kaylani Lei, Jennifer Luv, Avy Scott

- check out Rosetta tomorrow night in Levitown @ the Vintage Lounge.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

- last night was pretty awesome (even after we got fucked by the "tally system" again...whatever). big thanks to Club Midway for being probably the best venue in Manhattan at the moment. Great atmosphere, excellent backline, two excellent bars, great soundpeople/staff...we can't wait to play there again. Big Thanks Also to Rwake for getting us on the bill and being super cool to us and for playing a fucking incredible set. also thanks to Bloody Panda, 12 Eyes, and Wormsmeat. and thanks to Eva and Rob for hooking us up with a ride. everyone of you made it one of the best nights we ever had and we thank you big time.

- next is August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Take this City By Nightfall and others. than Tommy's Tavern w/ ASRA, Bloody Phoenix, and others. than Lit Lounge again on August 27 w/ A.P.P.L.E. and more.

- also soon; recording, writing, and maybe some video as well.

- recent musical obsessions; Rwake, Air, TV on the Radio, Monarch!, Slaine, Deathspell Omega, Sutcliffe Jugend, Tool, Genesis, Thought Industry, Scrotum Grinder, Portal, Vegas, Wovenhand, Venus Hum, Dead Infection, Boredoms, Muse, Dalek, Starkweather, Tombs, Engineer

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hotter, Harder, and almost Louder Than Megan Fox getting finger-banged by Starscream, it's THE COMMUNION's Start-of-the-Week Weekend.

2 solid Manhattan Gigs w/ some truly amazing bands and US. much of these bands are touring ones, so come out...volcanic steam pipes be DAMNED.


07/23/2007 08:00 PM - lit lounge
93 2nd ave
new york city, New York

07/24/2007 07:00 PM - club midway
25 avenue B
new york, 10009

Friday, July 20, 2007

wow...a rant. ...different.

NP: Diamanda Galas - the Singer

- here's the Communion show calender;

July, 23 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Kursk, Romans, Khan

July, 24 2007 at club midway
25 avenue B, new york, 10009
Cost :


August, 6 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, NYC, New York
Cost : TBA

w/ Take This City By Nightfall, Casket Architects, Bearathon

August, 18 2007 at tommys tavern
1041 manhattan avenue, brooklyn, New York 11222
Cost :

w/ Bloody Phoenix, ASRA, 1 more tba

August, 27 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Four Days to Burn, Body Soil, A.P.P.L.E., Sarlac

- it's very possible that we might be playing a *gasp* Long Island gig in the very near future. so near the future that it's the present. it's happening right now. NOW. seriously though, we'll get back to you on that one.

- looks like we will take some time off from shows after our August 27 gig. some of us have school, some of us going on little trips, others of us trying to get paid for something so we can dump money into cds and band stuff.

we've always made the most of our "time off" and this should be no exception. we're not Metallica, taking 2 1/2 year breaks from each other entirely, than taking another 3 years to write a record. we don't take those kind of band should. take breaks from shows maybe, since that can wear you down...playing the same material over and over again, but from the whole thing entirely? never. we'd go mad from the boredom. we'd itch like crazy...and crazy itches A LOT.

this is nothing new for us, as September/October seems to be the time of year where most bands, not just us, take a breather from a heavy summer-show routine...time taken to recharge the batteries, incorporate a season's worth of broken hearts and learning experiences into their sound. ultimately, those are the moments that make a band's material stronger...i feel, anyway. i always find that my favorite part of being in a band is the writing process itself. throwing silly putty at flashcards and seeing what gets hit.

you always get that itch, though...the live-itch. usually it pronounces itself after you've gone to your first show in a while. you see a band you love and that inspires you to get up there and follow their lead. you see a band you hate and say to yourself "fuck, i'm better than this clown shoes" and you get up there is reduce them to a fecal-scented smolder. so we can't predict the future...but we'll certainly be around to see it.

i've still got plenty of shit-demons to funnel out of my soul with syringe-enemas. i can honestly say that i think we all do.

- pick up the new albums from Sutcliffe Jugend and Deathspell Omega.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

- best thing about yesterday's show;

Darkside plays their set. it's close to 3 in the morning. they're destroying. the mic goes out and they take some time to fix it. this very Poindexter looking guy from Subzero (thick glasses, colored shirt, basically Buddy Holly with a New Yawk accent) starts to complain (Subzero is playing last). as he's walking away, muttering under his breath, someone...maybe one of the guys from Darkside...maybe just one of the crowd...screams "NERRRRRRRD!"

we couldn't contain ourselves. it was just perfect timing. it made an otherwise debasing, humbling trip worth the while. for those who caught the performance...sorry. it was a long-ass day, long ass drive, early start, long wait, and we weren't at our best. i know it's no excuse, because we really are better than what you saw yesterday, but hopefully you won't be soured on us. we really do care.

thanks anyway to those who put on the show, supplied us w/ equipment, let us eat some food, and compensated us well. we wish we could've been better, but i guess that's how it rolls sometimes. don't give up on us yet...we're not...knock on wood.

- some shows in a week;

Monday July 23 @ Lit Lounge w/ Kursk, Think Don't Pray, and others.
Tuesday July 24 @ Club Midway w/ Rwake, Bloody Panda, and more.

we promise we'll be better this time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


- we forgot we have this show as well;

August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Casket Architects, Bearathon, Take this City by Nightfall

- here's a set list, complete with nonsensery...

- JESTER AXIS (The Sad Truth Involving Clowns i.e. It Ain't Make-Up)
- CULT MACHINE (Samuel L. Jackson in "Tigers on a Rowboat")
- SCARECROW REVOLT (A Deleted Scene from "Batman Begins" involving Dr. Crane, Katie Holmes, and an Ejaculation-Instigated Bludgeoning.)
- TARANTULA KITCHEN (Waking Up in the Morning, Opening a Drawer, Digging up a Ginzu Knife, and being totally grossed out by the Cobwebs laced around the blade.)
- RECOVERING VIGILANTE (Keith David is Charles Bronson in "Death Wish 4 Black People")
- WOLF TICKET BOX OFFICE (An O-Face Staring Contest between Jarboe and the corpse of Chloe Jones)
- QUILLS (The Last Days of the Marquis DeSade from the perspective of the Poop he Smeared on the Walls)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Lick My Pussy You STAR.

- so here are some shows we've got;

July, 14 2007 at Popeye's Pub
Not Available , Pee(k)skill, New York
Cost : 15.00

Blast to The Head Productions is proud to present the "Fuck your trends keep it real" bbq fest! Located at Popeye's Pub in Peekskill,NY! Addmision will be a reasonable $15.00! No excuses for missing out! Confirmed lineup is as following:

Darkside NYC
All As One
This Means War
Bulldog Courage
Caught In A Trap
Cold Front
Five Points (Faction Zero)
Murderer's Row
Olde York
Step 2 Far
The Communion
Crime Lab
4 In The Chamber
Souls Revenge

July, 23 2007 at lit lounge

93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

Think don't Pray

July, 24 2007 at club midway
25 avenue B, new york, New York 10009
Cost :


August, 27 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

Four Days to Burn
Body Soil
the Communion
March into the Sea

- evidently we will be recording with Gary from Graveyard Rodeo in early-mid august. i know for sure we will record the one-two tracks needed for the 4-way tape that will be released (see post below), but since we have him down there we might just go ahead and record whatever we can.

- nothing to definite yet, but it's safe to say that our first full-length will be probably be called Kanalbrigade.

recent musical obsessions: Sutcliffe Jugend, Wovenhand, Boredoms, Gorerotted, Fields of the Niphilim, Leech Implant, Looking for an Answer, Portal, Integrity, Deathpile, Nas, Buthole Surfers, Lugubrum, TV on the Radio, Stormcrow, Whitehouse, Nadir, Daniel Johnston, Caroliner, In Slaughter Natives, the Cure, YDI

Sunday, July 8, 2007


EAR BLEEDING FEEDBACK FOREVER! 4 way split (limited to 400 on bloody red)
Combining the ear wrenching madness from Wisconsin's COPEATER, the brutality of Canada's AXED UP CONFORMIST, the relentless onslaught of Malaysia's KERENA NEKO, and the NY chokehold that is known as THE COMMUNION. 5 minutes of killer tunes per band, due out late august/early September!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Napalm Comedy Jam

- check the Myspace

new layout courtesy of Nemesis Enforcer Enforcer Jason.

- we're playing Club Midway July 24th with Rwake, Bloody Panda, and others. should be a cool time.

- practices have been going exceptionally well.

- recent musical obessions; Oxbow, Pig Destroyer, Sigh, Antigama, Middian, Car Bomb, the Gathering, YDI, Sheer Terror, Slight Slappers, Vondur, Neglect, Integrity, Yellow Machinegun, Scalplock, Obscurus Advocam, Thug, Neanderthal, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Manes, Dalek, Deftones, Tombs

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

As Lyrical Activism increases, so does Contradictorial Fascism

- had our first practice with Jason since his injury. Everything went beyond our expectations. He remembered more than I did, that's for damn sure. songs we went through;


- we've started work on our long slow/mid-tempo number. our goal is to make it reach or go beyond the 15 minute mark. the song is called "LARVAL STAGE RAPIST". lyrics are about the feelings of revenge you have on people who get what (or who) you want through less-than-honest means.

- check out this Gigaaaan-tooorrrrrrrrrrrr list of stuff i'll be reviewing;


PSYOPUS - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered (NICK)

MANES – How The World Came To An End (NICK)

HANGING GARDEN – Inherit The Eden (NICK)

MIDDIAN – Age Eternal (NICK)

TUB RING – The Great Filter (NICK)

SERAPHEL – Remembrance (black metal from Italy) (NICK)


NEUROSIS - Subversivos Espirituales (Brutal death metal) (NICK)

I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN - Music For The Recently Deceased (NICK)


CAR BOMB - Centralia

ANTIGAMA - Resonance



THE NETWORK - This Is Your Pig's Portrait

BE'LAKOR - The Frail Tide

DYING FETUS - War Of Attrition

LENG TCH'E - Marasmus

MAN MUST DIE - The Human Condition

BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough

SIGH - Hangman's Hymn

Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Studies Reveal that Studies Reduce Paranoia...Mind Crime on the Rise

- so we started work on three new songs;

1. CALIGULA FAIRGROUNDS; song written entirely by Billy. so far the fastest, most black metal thing we've ever concocted. lyrics are about coping with mutual feelings of violation.

2. CRAWLSPACE FRONTIER: Lee's new one. long, sludgy, and spidery. lyrics are about the shittiest of shitty days that people like us all depend on for inspirational relevancy and existential validity.

3. HYPNAGOGIC CAREGIVER: Lee's other new one. Big Evil. lyrics are about those nights you spend holding conversations with that special someone...who happens to be invisible.

- big things look to be in store for the end of the summer. stay tuned....starring Jeffery Jones.

- recent musical obsessions; Total Fucking Destruction, YDI, Lugubrum, Immolation, Genesis, My Bloody Valentine, Watchtower, Semargl, Rites of thy Degringolade, Portal, Antigama, Drugs of Faith, Pail Saints, Miranda Sex Garden, Candiru, Iskra, the Daysleepers, Year of the Rabbit, Gorerotted, Flatigious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Pig Destroyer, Gorguts, Integrity, In Slaughter Natives, Outlaw Order, Bjork

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glasgow the Clown

NP: Miranda Sex Garden - Exit Music for a Film (Radiohead Cover)

- so for all intents purposes...our weekend is over. it was up and down...occasionally exhausting, but mostly satisfying. thanks to Iskra, Blood Vessels to Wires, Dissystema, and Raw Radar War for giving it both performance and decency as people. thanks to Brian Alien for filling in on drums and doing an amazing job. you really saved our asses.

- if you think i'm leaving someone out...well, you're right. this will be the last time we associate with blockheads and their sterile mech-grind. i'll leave it a that.

- so obviously, we will be taking a break from shows for awhile. we've decided (for serious this time) to retire most if not all of the set list we played this past weekend. part of our intention as a band is to get as deep and dark and interesting as we can possibly get...and you can really only do that by exploring new ideas. so for a few months we will be just fine-tuning newer songs and coming up with new stuff. expect more of the frightening, the strange, and the heavy.

- Jason has been given the OK to do some light-practicing. we're all very excited about this. we got stuff to work through. personally i've never been more excited or ready to work on new stuff.

thanks again to everyone. we had fun.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Man...Slow Down

- from "The Tourist" by Radiohead.

so the Communion will be playing shows pretty much all weekend. 3 of them. Sunday is the day off. on Saturday night we're playing Manhattan, same night as Negative Approach and Merzbow. NY really is a busy place.

seems like this is how it goes with us...every other asshole gets to have a band...have a label put out their stuff...have that same label pay for 2 months on the road...maybe even a trip to Europe. Us? well we bust our asses, book our own 4 day weekend jaunt, pay for ALL of our stuff, t-shirts and cds, duplicate inlays, burning cdrs, charging nickels and dimes for them and having people unable to spare even that much, overcome obstacles that would lead to the downfall of all the weak bands out there (plenty of them), and all that effort and frustration can be seen teaming in our music, and we still are handed down the indigestion from everyone else's pleasures-of-life feast.

i'm probably just overreacting, here. just a little anxious about these shows. a little tired of apathy and disrespect. facing it, watching those who care face it and having the courage to say "fuck it" and go on caring. i don't know if i have that kind of strength. if i ever did. i'm too cynical. to distrusting.

at the end of the day...i'm very happy to be part of this band. i'm fucking stoked to be playing these shows with all these bands and meeting all these people that i would never come in contact with otherwise. it may not be much to you, but it's a big fucking deal for us. it's worth all the stress and strain and near-sleepless nights and doubt and isolation, because we fucking mean it. we mean every inch of it. this is D.I.Y. this is what MUSIC means to us. all of the music we love. Hardcore. Black Metal. Grindcore. Crust. Industrial. Noise. Death Metal. Thrash Metal. Crossover. Sludge. No-Wave. Punk. anything good. anything honest. anything that really matters. anything that doesn't just wear its heart on it's sleeve...but rips out the hearts of all within earshot of its pain.

This Blood is For You.

- Nick, representing THE COMMUNION.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well after months of planning and weathering through every possible thing that could go go wrong, it's safe to say that we'll be doing our little extended weekend this year. filling in for Jason (the son of Nemesis Enforcer) will be Brian Alien. if you don't know Brian Alien, well than you don't know rat turds from rice crispies. he's in Disassociate and Animale, as well as having played in like a million and a half other bands (Tomaraya, Shoot the President, PARCHED, he was even in Today is the Day for a Day. gwoink!).

snap, crackle, and poop.

May, 18 2007 at The Mr. Roboto Project
722 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, PA, 15221
Cost : $6

Iskra, The Communion, Blood Vessels To Wires

May, 19 2007 at Club Midway
25 avenue B, NY, 10009
Cost : $7

Iskra, The Communion, Defeatist, Raw Radar War

May, 21 2007 at disgraceland
1713 south 6th street, philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost :

Iskra, Dissystema all ages!


recent musical obsessions: Protestant, Nadir, TOMBS, Cat Rapes Dog, Gruntsplatter, Candiru, Asunder, Converter, Duran Duran (Wedding Album), Bjork, Mudvayne, Monarch!, Portal, Dissecting Table, In Slaughter Natives, Orthodox, TV on the Radio, Sad Kermit, Antigama, Overmars, Graveyard Rodeo, Zoroaster, Starkweather, Drugs of Faith, Pig Destroyer, Oxbow, Lurker of Chalice, Glorior Belli, Looking for an Answer, Deathpile, IRM, Flatigious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, Gut, Dead Infection, Iskra, A.P.P.L.E., Raw Radar War

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Transmissions from the Myspace Heart

hey again.

well once again THE COMMUNION is heading out on the road for a couple of days. we've been working hard on this small little tour for the past 5 months, encountering every kind of mind-fucker of a set back imaginable. scheduling conflicts, deadly infections, violent preparations for the fill-in....but despite all this mental exhaustion and anxiety, it's going down. we're playing with a really amazing band called ISKRA, who have also had their share of troubles. we're tagging along for three of their shows;

we've got the 18th, 19th, and 21st set.

the only problem has been the 22nd. one of our shows fell through for may 22nd and since we don't feel like going home we need a show for that day.

so anyone in these areas;
rhode island,
new jersey,
we'd love to play for you and we would be extremely appreciative if you could help us out on May 22nd. venue doesn't matter. we'll play with any one. we'll play the basement of a strip club...we'll play your garage....we'll play a bombed out box factory....we'll play with hardcoredeathblackgrindcoresludgestonerindustrialnoiserock bands and everything in between.

if anyone knows anything at all....any help would greatly be appreciated.

thank you for being a friend. traveled down the road and back again. your heart is're a pal AND a confidant. and if you threw a party....invited everyone you would see the biggest gift would be from me, and the card attached would say "Thank you for Being a Friend".

- Nick
vocals for the Communion.

Joe Horvath Hospitalized

CODC founder & vocalist, Joe Horvath, ran into complications following a surgery he had to have done about a month ago. He was re-hospitalized last week after developing a very serious and potentially fatal staph infection which has rapidly traveled into his body and bones. He's undergone another surgery recently and is due to be under the knife again for at least three more surgeries in the near future. He is currently out of the Intensive Care Unit but has to remain hospitalized for undetermined time after which he will be under the care of home health nurses, etc.

Anyone who has been waiting on email responses, interviews, et cetera from Joe please be patient or direct them to someone else in CODC.

Friends, fans, etc. feel free to send him email, etc. as it will be read to him when possible. The support is needed at this time more than ever.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

- the general consensus among us is that last night's performance @ Tommy Tavern was one of our best ever. thanks to Gary from Graveyard Rodeo, Anthony for filling in for Jason on the skins, and all the bands (ASRA, Three Faces of Eve, Nadir, Id) for playing tight sets. sorry we couldn't stick around to see Three Faces, but that's neither here nor there. i'm sure we'll all run into each other again.

speaking of the bands, everyone should listen to Nadir. i had all but given up on grindcore until i saw their set last night. it was like what would've happened to Discordance Axis if they stayed on the plenty-pissed Johou trip (and if Jon Chang would just shut the fuck up and grind). everything about Nadir is perfect; shredding guitars, drums that were faster than the Flash on a Red Bull binge, and those high-pitch screams that somehow retained that burly sound most people lose when attempting those kind of vocals. absolutely vicious stuff. not to diminish the other bands that played, but fuck man Nadir made us their women last night.

it was one of those times where the turnout may not have been so hot (due to weather maybe? god people are fucking pussies sometimes), but the people that were there all "got it" and that to me is better than playing to a house packed with indifferent cynics and irony-fetishists. sure you get paid more when the venue is filled to the brim, but the quality of the audience often drops as the size of it expands. we're not the Red Chord; we do not gauge the success of a show on how many t-shirts we sold or how many dipshit losers were "tearing it up in the pit bro". i got a feeling most of those people don't even know what they're moshing to half the time (how else can you explain Lamb of God's popularity?)

- Who is LORAZEPANZRAM? find out May 9 @ the Rockstar Bar.

- recent musical obsessions: Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir, Nadir

Thursday, April 26, 2007

the Hard Sell

- tomorrow @ Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn;

THE COMMUNION (blackend grindcore snobs)
ASRA (power-violenced death metal)

we play first so get there on fucking time. we'll have copies of our 2-song release Nihilism is for Lovers as well as our new t-shirts (which came out amazing. thanks Bernie Willbreaker).

this show top-to-bottom is pretty excellent, so try and come out. i know there are too many shows in NY, especially on the weekends, but this is a good 'un.

- the mini-tour with ISKRA is less than a month away.

- MDF is a month away. we're not playing, but 3 out of the 5 of us are going, so yeah.

- i wanna again wish our drummer Jason a painless recovery. we know you'll be ready to kick ass again...and when we all get together we'll be conjuring up she-cunts from hell to vomit battery acid on the world.

- playlist;

ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told
RWAKE - Voice of Omens
OXBOW - An Evil Heat
ANTAEUS - Blood Libels, De Principil Evagelikum
DRESDEN DOLLS - s/t, Yes Virginia
NYIA - Head Held High
DEVENDRA BANHART - Rejoicing the Hands
CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile

Friday, April 20, 2007

cause a Myspace blog just isn't enough....

- this is the new Communion blog. visit the old one here;

- shirts and cds are show-ready.

- the 4/21 benefit for Callum Robbins was cancelled. long story short; the Masonic Temple was double booked and evidently whatever the other event was was more important than raising money for a sick child. dig that crazy LI empathy!

this is nothing new...hardcore/metal shows (real ones...good ones) have always been under LI's twiching sphinctor, chest presented for the turd-blow. it doesn't matter what we believe in or what we's still just noise to the "normals" and they'll be damned if their evening in front of the reality TV is going to be disturbed by a bunch of silly young dudes and dudettes. whatever.

- we're still playing next friday. flyer above.

- the mini-tour w/ Iskra is going down mid-May. here's the artinerary;

May, 18 2007 at The Mr. Roboto Project
722 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, PA, 15221
Cost : $6
Iskra, The Communion, Blood Vessels To Wires

May, 19 2007 at Club Midway
25 avenue B, NY, 10009
Cost : $7
Iskra, The Communion, Defeatist

May, 21 2007 at disgraceland
1713 south 6th street, philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost :
Iskra,dissystema all ages!

- recent musical obsessions; Rwake, Made out of Babies, Marduk, Wovenhand, Manes, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Deathpile, In Slaughter Natives, Pig Destroyer, Graveyard Rodeo, Barkmarket, Lurker of Challice, Seraphel, Psyopus, Cephalic Carnage, Antigama, Venus Hum, Moss, Rosetta, Otensak, Mule Skinner, United Mutation, Hanging Garden, Reverend Glasseye