Sunday, July 1, 2018

2003 - 2018.

The Communion has ceased operations.
No final show, just this last splash in the grime: room recordings of our final 5 tracks, which would've have been the nexus of our (now aborted) full length: "Creep Fever".
the sound is obviously piss, but in the words of the immortal GG Allin: "You Don't Get What You Expect... You Get What You Deserve."
a sincere thanks to every single one of you made the spice flow for these last 15 years.
Be Gross.
Be Weird.
Be. Fucking. Real.
Kissy Kissy:
- all of us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

R.I.P. LEE ALTOMARE (1976 - 2010)

RIP LEE ALTOMARE (1976 - 2010)
for the benefit of those new to us, Lee Altomare was our founding member / guitarist / best friend. He passed away on this day in 2010. We continue to be impacted by his absence, yet we also remain inspired by his presence.
Lee was in every way what I looked for in an underground musician, a creative co-conspirator, and of course a good friend. He outmatched my devotion and drive by a country mile, and he still found a way to remain a humble realist who was always accommodating to his friends and family.
I still think about what Lee's reaction might be to all this weird shit going down in "the scene" and abroad... this septic tank explosion of sneering egotism and mob-rule hostility.... not to mention all the sketch-beyond-sketch racism and sexism. I'm sure it would be trademark Altomare; an amusingly vulgar curmudgeon that effortlessly eases into the role of infectiously encouraging workhorse. i'm also certain he'd still find more than plenty to love about music, as he was always uncovering intriguing curios that slip between the slush-floods of the underground; where seemingly no less than 14 dozen new bands and 63 dozen new releases tumble forth like the imagined migrant hordes that terrorize the burger-wrapper mindscape of a certain hepatitis-pallored would-be-master of the universe (but i digress).
Here's my favorite performance of my favorite song Lee wrote, "Mecha-Horripilation". Lee told me the song was his attempt at cross-pollinating the styles of Nuclear Death and RORSCHACH, two of our favorite bands / biggest influences. the lyrics were stitched together from several automatic fragments and images that came to me in dreams i was having at the time. i was devouring the films of Shinya Tsukamoto, Showzin Fukui, and the short films of Jaume Balaguero , their blending of industrial and organic aesthetics inspiring the song's title.
this performance is from our 2009 east coast sprint w/ Transient ( the last stop on that jaunt in Boston at the Baseball Tavern w/ INTHESHITand others). Normally I oppose the idea of re-recording old songs with near-violent prejudice, but I would make an exception for this one in a heartbeat. Not just because it feels in-line with the newest material, but it would be a way to have Lee contribute to the latest release (whatever it ends up becoming).
Hey Dude.

- Nick, Billy, Jimmy, Joe

Sunday, April 1, 2018

introducing the 2018 COMMUNION PRODUCT LINE

for nearly 15 years, THE COMMUNION PRODUCT LINE has sought out to bring forth only the most crucial items for the most discerning collectors of grindcore ephemera. the launch of the 2018 line remains in keeping with the tradition of True Underground Merchandising™ that is both affordable to the consumer, relevant to the speculator, and necessary for the integrity of either type’s standing in the globalized grind community. 


THE COMMUNIVERSE is old, cold, mockingly debilitating, invariably ugly, terminally unserious. casually harsh, and eternally locked in the looping twin dreads of fluxing neurosis and anxious impulse. the omni-dimensional equivalent of a car impound lot, its jangling realities persistently threaten to breach each other, their truths mutating in the bleed, forever at the back-end of revelatory extinction events. it is the endless ream of imagination that remain trapped in the phlegm-scarred mindscape of a rambling hoarder, leaning on piss-elegance as a means to overcompensate for tastes that flow downstream from vast cultural wastelands, synergizing flea-specked curations into compact monoliths that mirror the earth in their dust.

for a map of THE COMMUNIVERSE to work properly, right click your mouse and save the image posted below. let it marinate the near limitless frontiers of your hard drive with the caffeinated vapors of its urn-grease;

would you like to know more?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Wm M Berger was one of our favorite people… someone who gave us a shot when we were at an incredibly low point, still reeling from the loss of Lee Altomare, not sure where the future would lead. WM invited us on his wonderful show My Castle of Quiet, where he would spend the next few years keeping us a regular fixture on his playlists, not to mention releasing “A Desired Level of Unease” on his impeccable label, Prison Tatt Records.
off all the missed opportunities that typified the year in the Communion, i think not being available for this one hurts the most. 2017 was good to some of us in the band as individuals… lives moving forward, loves found, playing on bigger stages… , but not a good year for us as a collective. one show, only a handful of practices, stalled writing. i haven’t been handling it too well… fighting this losing battle against monetary gains and more gratifying companionships, but i’m trying to keep the light on, remain hopeful (uuuugh that fucking word) that this is only a momentary lapse in motivation, and we’ll get our shit together best we can and move this thing forward.
can’t say i have any real answers… only that i hold no grudges and i’m ready when everybody else is. i got notebooks filled with artfully rendered suicidal misanthropy waiting for riffs and blasts.
please try to make this one. Couch Slut and Pink Mass are not to be missed.
kissy kissy

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

RIP Wm M Berger

i cannot even begin to describe how devastated i am by the sudden passing of Wm M Berger. been sitting with this news for the past 20 minutes and i am truly at a loss.
you’ve done more to inspire and motivate me than you’ll ever know. i cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for my friends and i… for your support and friendship through the most difficult time in our life, for your continued genuine interest not just in what we do but who we are.
thank you so much for all your support and (most importantly) your friendship. you kept us going during a time of near-crippling uncertainty and gave us a chance when few others would, and we couldn’t have been more proud to remain in your graces for all these years.
we love you and thank you forever.
- Jimmy, Joe, Billy, and Nick.
Rest in Power